Confused about a boolean action

I’m struggling with getting a desired result with the boolean modifier.
I have a half cone shape that I’ve added a solidify modifier to, to add thickness.
I like to add a block that fills roughly a third of the length centrally, that takes on the inner curves of the solidified cone shape.
The goal is to have these as two separate objects.
I tried using an intersect boolean, but that didn’t work out correctly.
I’ve done a quick ( bad ) sketch as I’m away from my blender machine at the moment.
Any help would be great

You want both figures? Then first a boolean on the cube with difference and you get that.

Then a boolean on intersect. Have a misunderstood something?

Add faces to the front and bottom of the half cone to make it manifold (watertight). Your current cone object is just a surface without volume without the solidify, and only a thin wall with it.

halfconeintersect halfconeintersect2

Actually you can create this shape in much easier way than applying Boolean modifier.
Once the cube mesh is in viewport. go edit mode and add loopcut at the middle,
and then go Face Select mode and select top face to scale down in Y axis.
Finally go Edge Select mode, select right-left edges and hit CTRL+B to apply bevel yourself. Finally apply shade smooth by right click in Object mode and use Auto Smooth.

(At the beginning, make sure to select mesh, hit CTRL + A , choose “All Transforms” to have smooth bevel application)

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Nice technique. I just would make the bevel to all the side edges instead of just the larger ones to avoid the triangle faces.

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Actually you should never apply all transforms, if the object is translated it will move the object’s origin to the world origin, many things get ruined that way, always apply rotation & scale instead.

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Hi Everyone, thank you very much with all your advice, it really helped me push through.
I’d forgotten about how much I needed to manifold the mesh, but I got there in the end.
Can I just say I really appreciate the effort ( sketches, builds etc) everyone went through to help
I’m very humbled