Connect two face with non-same size

hello, im trying to connect two face, the first one size is smaller and i want to extrude into bigger face
i mean conencting two face with same size can be done with F
what it is:

i can do it by extruding but it is’t exact

You can do this with “bridge edge loops”.

  1. Loopcut the faces CTRL+R
  2. Bevel the loopcuts CTRL+B
  3. Select the both faces you want to connect and CTRL+B, select bridge edge loops

If you want to get it more realistic just create a standalone plank, so you get more realistic bevels.

bridge_edge_loops.blend (121.0 KB)

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thank but how to loop cut multiple faces, like 2nd?

That cant be done in one step. It must be done with 2 separate loopcuts.