Connecting objects?

Hi there,
This might sound a little odd but is there a way to connect two objects? I don’t mean parent one to the other, I mean simply connect them. Like with a string or rope or something like that. Parenting kinda works that way … just awfully stiffer.

I do have a idea how I might be able to do that manually but there would be no point in doing it manually if thers already something built into blender that does the trick.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Take a look at Rigid Body Joint constraints.

Slow Parent works like one object dragging another on a rubber band. It looks good with a camera as the child object. The camera can be given a controllable lag so that if it’s following a player object it accelerates, brakes and turns more slowly than the player object. The lag can be set in the Properties panel and changed in a script to vary with conditions that occur at runtime.