Connecting pieces of a character doesn't display that well


I decided to connect a character together so I could rig it to sit down. I don’t think the result is that good with connecting it.

I did smooth it as a whole, but that hasn’t changed anything.

The body is from blenderswap.


I parented everything to the chest part/jacket front section. I imagine I can add in an a bone setup and parent that to what ever the whole body I guess.

I do not really understand you.

Do you have several mesh objects that are deformed by the same armature?

In that case ensure that the meshes touch with the border vertices. These vertices need the exact same vertex groups with the exact same weights. Otherwise you get gaps or intersections when deforming the meshes via armature animation.

No armature for that character, I parented everything to the chest section. So there is no problem.

I’ll add a bone structure soon to it.

I’m still all over the place about getting the AI to work. I can’t even get a sound to play by activating the object. I can obviously get a sound to play via a key.

What can I do for that?

‘activating the object’ isnt generally understood terminology. a sound will be activated by either a logic brick setup or a function in your code, and in either of those circumstances you either add a sound logic brick to the logic brick sequence or add a play sound function using the bge api

I do not really get what your problem with the model is.

That the robot won’t follow the player by using the mouse left button click. As well as that the player as I renamed it to from cube.001. doesn’t display in the Action brick only 'Armature, and cube.002. Now cube.002 is a sensor for another set of doors, storage doors.

So why doesn’t ‘player’ as a dynamic cube not display for the brick menu so that the robot can follow it?

Must the robot be a static object, or an actor?

I still doe not see how that is related to: “Connecting pieces of a character doesn’t display that well”

I guess this statement is meant for the other thread.

Yeah true, I went off topic. As for this file displayed in the image, I parented everything instead of joining to prevent the faces from messing up on the side of the face.

As said earlier, when the vertices and the deformation of the animation match there will be no gap.

As far as I see from your images, the topology you choose does not allow that. The connecting edges do not match.

I haven’t animated that character, so I don’t know about the result. I have left everything parented. My demo doesn’t require that character to animate or walk around as that character.