conrete again?

sometimes, i feel like i’m a botherence, am i? can’t spell the words correctly, my research skills are crappy, my posts are always moderated, there was once that i’m even warned!
but oh well, it’s life,
i’m stuck on this now…
cycles; concrete, i’ve made a whole big concert hall and i found the PERFECT texture (for me, it’s rare to find such good treasure),

but it doesn’t work… T^T i tried rendering it… (because i’m making a walk in, and not a static, the texture is repeating akwardly, i did my best to unrap it, and it’s the best results one can get, but, when i ask; it’s said to be unrealistic, so…
anyone help with producal?
i tried having 2 mixrgb as ‘el burjo de tribu’ posted in his porums, but i can’t do it, just not working… getting the random sizes, getting the random placement…
all i achieved, is a uniform greyscale of something…
please help!

We need to see your material setup before we can do anything, there could be a number of things that you could’ve done wrong yet all we have right now is vague information.

sorry, forgot to upload it, this is my best try:

Why didn’t you tell us before that you were just using the image as a reference for a procedural material rather than suggesting you were not able to get the image texture to render?

The musgrave texture can be a little tricky because you generally need a low value for the dimension input for it to start seeing a lot more detail.

Also, don’t forget that procedurals will take a bit longer to render than images, there are some techniques for image textures like mixing differently mapped renditions according to a procedural noise that will reduce the tiling. (likewise there are techniques you can use to optimize procedurals like decreasing the detail on objects further from the camera).

Mapping procedural texture