consistent lockups and invisible things!

I am using the latest Blender, have XP, 512 RAM, AMD 1700, good video card. I have been using Blender for several months and recently have had more problems, even after a clean reinstall. It locks up when I try to set paths for rendering, textures, etc. and when I click on “load image” - every time. Also, I have an odd problem - I have my interface set to 4 views, the main one being view 1. I can’t see Bezier curves in that view but can in the others, even if I change the main frame to one of the other views. Sometimes I can’t see other things in that frame also. It is very odd. Any help GREATLY appreciated - I am very anxious to learn Blender.

I don’t know about the lockups, but for “load image”, you could try clicking the thin button just to the right of it to get a file view instead of image view. You could try turning International Fonts off, and see if that helps.

As for the invisible things, check that the active layers in that frame is the same as that for the other frames (the block of 20 buttons on the left of the header)

I tried turning off the internatl. fonts. I am new enough to Blender that I haven’t made much use of layers so far, so that isn’t the problem. Thanks anyway - I appreciate the suggestions.

If I were you I’d get version 2.23. You can install multiple versions on the same drive. While learning there is very little that later versions offer over 2.23 and stability is unfortunately not one of them.


hi there,

maybe it’s worth trying an older version of blender: there’s a link at the bottom of this page to older versions.

i’m quite a newbie to blender myself, so I don’t have any suggestions for fixing your problems in the current version unfortunately.


EDIT: oops, sorry just saw the above post!

Thanks, everyone! Maybe an earlier version would be better. 2.23 isn’t available but there are others - is 2.25 stable?

I still have 2.23, I’ll send it to you if you want it

it’s IMHO better than 2.25, plugins work for a start :wink:

afaik the only major thing 2.25 had over 2.23 was the ability to save games as exes or for the web plugin.

You can have as much blender as you want on your hdd at once (provided you have space), I have 2.23, 2.25, 2.26, 2.27 and tuhopuu. I don’t know why i kept them all, i’m just too lazy to get rid of them i suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much for the offer! Blender people are nice! I found it on another site and just downloaded it. I’ll use that for a while and see if the problems are solved.

Thanks! 2.23 did it!