Consolidating duplicate textures

I’m not entirely sure why (though I expect it has something to do with the Material Utils addon I’m using), but I keep ending up with duplicate texture entries (pointing to the same files).

I’m referring to the .png.002, .003, .004 etc, which are actually all the same texture. This also causes a lot of unnecessary duplicate materials to be created when I import into Unity.

Is there a way to easily consolidate these duplicates back into a single entry? Or can I somehow find out what materials/objects the duplicates are linked to? The only way to go about it that I know right now is to check every object and every material to see if it’s using one of the duplicate textures and changing it, which is obviously a little unwieldy.

I thought maybe the Material Search addon would help me, but for some reason it doesn’t even show up in my addons list after installing…

Does anyone have any ideas?