Another roman portrait.
A double portrait, a conspiracy then. :smiley:
One hour 3dcoat doodling, cycles.
A larger image here


Wow nice work! Michalis

very cool - based on antique references, or just from your head?

I love the composite!!

well done :slight_smile:

polycount ?

Thank you for comments
“based on antique references”
Not a direct reference, just doodling. Roman portraiture style.
Imported as 20k quads (after 3dcoat auto retopo and one subdivision).
Not for animation, just fast importing-previewing
three subdivisions in blender ( + displacement map (2024x2024 16 bit) (cycles-displ “both” mode)
So, it counts ~1.2M. Original sculpting (voxels ~11 M)

“It’s Bud Spencer” were my first thoughts :slight_smile:
One of his movies was on TV just this weekend…

Another Michaelis’ worthy of the gallery never to be seen there :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent, Michalis. Has a very convincing ancient look. Would be right at home in a Roman History text.

Thank you AdamEtheredge
@arexma , you… :smiley: thanks man.

Nice work man all that from one hour of doodling that is impressive

I agree, fantastic work Michalis, you are very talented! Out of interested, how did you get into 3D sculpting, is it from a real world clay sculpting background?

Wonder why so few amazing renders make it in to the gallery these days? Obviously interpretation of the word “amazing” is a subjective, I mean ones that receive lots of respect from a wide cross section of the BlenderArtists community.

Keep up the great work Michalis, look forward to your next sculpt.


Thank you, tyrant monkey , David Black.
Not some fancy sculpting though, neither created in blender. Just rendered under cycles.