Constitution Class Refit

Hey all…here is my current Wip and first Starship that I’ve done in blender…a Refit Constitution class…I’m just plugging away at the smaller details at the moment, and the main hull sections are just low res placeholders. I’m experiment with actually making the hull gridlines as a mesh instead of a texture and am having some problems with them. I don’t want to do them with too much detail, because I want the mesh to be usable in any animations in the future, so I rely on using the smooth function on the mesh…it works fine, except it leaves me with that weird texture fade, where one section of the mesh is black, and the other fades to the material colour. Any workarounds for that? Oh, and what is the maximum amount of vertexs and faces that blender will render and still be usable on a 2ghz p4 with 512 megs of ram, and a Geforce 3 Ti200…I was wondering incase I have to go all out on detail on the ship.

These next 2 pics are of the low detail gridlines, without and with smoothing.

looks good without smoothing although once applied it makes the pannels look like a padded cell.

lol, yeah…smoothing really buggers it up

uhm… just out of curiousity… have you pressed the auto-smooth button? just wondering… if you haven’t, there’s your problem.


yep, I have been…and I’ve been able to play around with the max degree function to find a standoff between the face problems and amount of smoothing

wow, someone is actually making one from scratch instead of getting one made in MAX or other… nice work.
I’m working on the Ent-D but me no likes so that’s all I’m saying bout it.

Did you do each panel on the saucer section seperately?

Oh, and I wouldn’t mess with smoothing, it looks better w/o it. by lots!

can’t wait to see the saucer finished and the secondary worked on!