Constraining camera rotation in game engine?

Is is possible to constrain camera (or any other) rotation in game engine. I just don’t seem to find a way to do that. I have a camera parented to a player, but I don’t want it to rotate over the Z-axis. The camera is pointing directly to the room (through the ceiling). I need it to move with the player but not turn with him.

Sorry if this has been asked before… It just means I didn’t find it :smiley:

Have you tried vertex parenting?
Blendenzo has a very nice tut on it…

Or we can just put the steps here in the thread:

For quick vertex-parenting:
Select your camera, then shift-select your main character mesh
go into edit mode
Select any vertex
Hit Ctrl-P

If the vertex is not at the center of the mesh, the camera might move a bit when that vertex changes… for a very “precise” vertex parenting:

Create a vertex at the very center of the player mesh:
Select the Player
Hit Shift-S and select “Cursor to Selection”
Go into editmode
Duplicate any individual vertex
Hit Shift-S and select “Selection to Cursor”
Parent your camera to that vertex.

I can’t believe it was that simple… now I feel stupid for not getting it myself :smiley: