Constraining lattice points to floor

Hello everyone,

First post here and new Blender user coming from C4D, and I’m loving it !

I recently did this C4D tutorial to deform a shoe on a floor :

Basically he uses a a FFD Deformer (Lattice in Blender), then “constrains” the bottom points not to go beyond the floor with a bunch of Xpresso. Would a similar setup be possible in Blender ?

I looked upon Hooks and Constraints but they doesn’t seem to be the right tools.
Could it be done “natively” ? or only be done using Animation Nodes ? (Which I assume can be done).

Thanks in advance for your replies !

If you add hooks you can give a limit location contraint.

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Thanks for your answer !
You mean adding a hook to a vertex group ?

You can also assign hooks to Lattice points.

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Watch the end of my video you can use bones for the lattice.

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Thanks, and nice video ! Will try that way :slight_smile: