Constraint equilant to maya's parent constraint with maintain offset

Please let me know a way to get same effect as maya’s parent constraint with maintain offset on.
“Child of” constraint is not working in my case. and I cannot directly parent to the target bone. It has to be a constraint.
Thanks in advance.


Child of should work in this case. If you’re seeing the bone jump, you can press “Set Inverse” in the Child of constraint option. That should set the bone back to existing offset.
However, if you’re not looking for “Child of” at all due to any reason, you can add a layer of 2 bones, Bone A will have “Copy Transform” and Bone B at offset will be normal child (Ctrl + P) of Bone A.

Thankyou somuch for the effort,
but I’m not supposed to change the heirarchy. say the bone b is in a skeleton with weights. i have to export the skeleton with same heirarchy. I tried child of with set inverse. i really thought that should work. but it didn’t for me.
Currently I’m doing as follows:
parent bone be A
target bone be B

I first transform contrain A with B as parent, then apply the result as rest pose.
Then transform contrain B with A as parent, so the jump will now be eliminated but there are so many bones, I wish theres a straight forward approach.

found out new settings in 3.0:
Hopefully this will fulfill my need. Tested it with small setup. Its working as expected.
This image shows using copy rotation constraint instead of copyTransforms.

I don’t understand why this setup isn’t working in my case where I’m trying to control a skeleton with another rig.