constraint issue following terrain

ok, I think this would work on an earlier version, though i haven’t actually tested it, but here’s what i am trying to do/my problem.
i want to make a truck, following a terrain, so, i made a terrain using the noise function on a grid, duplicated one of the edges, and used the edge to curve script on it, to convert the edge to a curve.
then i added two empties at the base of the curve, as well as my truck.
i parented both the empties to the curve as ‘follow path’ and gave one an offset of a few frames in the anim button.
now i give the truck both a copy loc, and a copy rot constraint, for each of the empties. the idea, being, that the rotation, and the location of the truck, will equal the average between the two empties, as they move along the path.
only problem is, the truck seems to be only evaluating one of each type of constraint, so it does only the one that’s higher up in the stack. so no averaging, just copying one or the other.
does anyone have any ideas, on why this is not working correctly?

I recreated the setup you described and I had the same problem you did. The workaround is to set the influence to .5 on the second copy rotation and copy location restraints.

The reason this works is because the truck gets the location and rotation of the first empty (it gets the entire transformation, because those constraints have a 1.0 influence). Then the truck receives half of the second empty’s rotation and location.

If you can’t get it to work let me know and I’ll post my blend.

that makes sense, thanks.