constraint problem in 2.3x

hi all

anybody else experience this behavior:

when i select a cam than the empty and track the cam to the null the cam gets rotated and looks perpendicular away from the dotted connection line between the null and the cam.

and i cannot rotate the cam at all.

any clue or help???


If you used “Old Track” clear rotation for the camera will do it.

If you added a constraint, you need to change the Track and Up axis for the constraint.


I don’t know much about it, but would it be possible to set the axes correctly by default, rather than having to edit the constraint manually each time? In my experience, I’ve always needed the -Z axis pointing towards the object and Y axis upwards. Are there exceptions where this would not be a good default?


For all the other object, the default is Track Y, Up Z. Camera are the only exceptions (I could try a fix, of course).