constraint probs

hello all.
Trying to rig this three section arm with some simple object constraints. So far so good.
but when i try to rig the front arm so it will rotate upward it looses the parenting to the second arm and remains in location while the rest of the arm turns.

I am rotating the three horizontal arm on a z axis using the vertical arm base as the main rotator. but i then want to rotate vertically the fore front arm as well. After i parent it to the empty it will rotate vertically on the x axis but is no longer parented to the following arm so it stays in location and no longer rotates w/the group.
I have been trying some of the other constraints w/the same results.
how could i fix this please?

I do not think there is enough info for people to figure this out. Maybe somebody else can but I’m lost. Just to make them rotate one way you can parent one to the other and lock axis you do not want it to rotate on in transform. No bones about it. Same thing with the armature just lock the rotation in transform.

kinda funny but that was great advice thank you. I went back in switched parenting and added an extra copy rotation. A diff solution.
So thanks for helping me think of a different way :slight_smile: