Construction Options

Looking at this game, Foldit( got me thinking…

The game IRL which everyone has to play now and again has serious economical balance issues. One reason why this is because the resources and labor to build the physical structures we live in are expensive. What if we can make designing structures more engaging and thus give structure-building automata a schematic to work on by playing a game?

Games can be more than entertainment. They can serve as a tool of social contribution at the same time. This is the final goal. I believe the motivation to be undeniable. What is not yet free must be made open source.

The automata and the production dynamics of the raw materials required will not be discussed in this thread. This thread will be for discussing the game only.

The descriptions below

Methods of interacting with the game world as a player:
*Create, shape, destroy and duplicate any construction object in the game
*Interacting with other players within the world
*Combat against monsters
*Resource (including ability) acquisition on the avatar level and construction level

The constraints of the game:
*Structure soundness must follow the constraints set by reality, if these constraints
are not followed, there will be trouble for the player, for example monsters spawn to
attack the player´s avatar.
*Yes, I said reality. The physical properties of real materials must be taken into
account. Overly stressed components will shatter or explode.

Sounds a lot like Minecraft/Terraria/any other construction game. Of course. Many things that this game will present will not be new. It is their safe haven to not be grounded in reality or provide anything short of entertainment to those outside the game.

I will try and edit the post and answer questions and provide details as they come.

There is a possibility for open contributions through the link below:

Please leave behind documentation of what you have done into the text file inside the .blend file. The more explicit your instructions on how to use your contribution, the better the chances of the contribution being implemented. This is to avoid a bug explosion from open contribution. If nothing else leave a “hello” message of your own into the file just to remind me that there are people watching :slight_smile:

The key feature under development is interaction with the environment - construction object creation and placement. A flexible player interaction which makes it possible to attach and unattach objects to one another.

The current game features (those which are indeed documented) can be found in the text file “Game features” file within the .blend file.

You can find me with the name rakholl in Skype.
Do not expect to find a Blender pro behind the name.

Let there be interesting problems and solutions.


Construction game with monster mashing and realistic structure integrity.

** EDIT **

This work has taken form as Project WoMC, and you can follow its construction live at

its very buggy and hard to controll.