Construction Site Scene

Modelled in Blender
Rendered in Luxrender
Textures and post in Photoshop
render time: 45 hours

I will be posting another angle soon. My goal is to get this artwork featured in the gallery, so please rate my thread, thanks!!:slight_smile:



Got my vote! Nice work Mr. Sanders. :slight_smile:

very impressive :slight_smile:

Alternate angle:


Beautiful. Did you model the background or is it an image?

Wow, this is great! I actually like the alternate angle. It’s more dynamic and really involves the viewer in the piece, you know. It’s more “alive” you know?

Love the details too. Mud on the fenders. Dust on the tires. Little oil drips on the bumper. Great!

That’s an inspiration…I have a lot of practice ahead of me.

Edited to say I voted for ya (as if you couldn’t tell).

Brilliant. Love the alternative angle. Good work!

Nice. I see a lot of work there. The second render works better then the first. However, there are a few things that bothers me.

  1. Truck merges with the background. Try to use z-depth pass during composition.
  2. Lighting and shading. The shot looks like, that it was done sometime in the late evening. Which means quite a strong contrast between orange and blue (Sunset and night sky) and long shadows. In your render it looks a little washed out. Reflections in chrome parts should be more intensified. Certainly it would look better.
  3. Pots-production in general (mainly color adjustment). Something that attracts people. There are mainly repeating colors (blue, orange, black) across the whole surface of this image. Which is not necessarily wrong, but in this case it looks a bit of monotonous …

Just think like a photographer.

Maybe they’re just small things, but the power of great renders is just in the details. Without them it would never be perfect.

Wow, very nice render.

I too agree on the lighting for the evening could be better.

Ok, did some more colour correction. Is this what you had in mind? At this point I am not ready to give my computer up for another 45 hour render job haha


It looks much better. Not as bland. But the first one does look more photo-realistic.

Really nice. The materials are all very realistic :slight_smile: I like it.

I think the first is more realistic, but I like this saturated look a lot better. Exactly what I was thinking.

Very impressive! The ground looks a bit flat though…

I’m waiting for it to stand up and say “Autobots… Roll out!”

Not so keen on the colour corrected version, colours are too saturated. The more bland version is much more realistic.
Like the alternate angle as well!

super realistic.
45 hrs of just RENDERING?? wow! that’s so much for a single image…

@Efrat- Its Luxrender mate, what did you expect!

Absolutely fantabulous render btw. Superb attention to detail. I believe the DOF is a little inconsistent; as with your render, the buildings should be really blurred cause the DOF point starts somewhere in the middle of the truck. Nevertheless, stunning render.

Thank you all for the kind words, I’m glad everyone likes it. I’m not 100% happy, but there will always be things that bug me about any render I do. That’s how I keep learning:)

Best work I’ve seen on here in a long time, well done C_Sander. I think maybe a bit of organic life post-proed into the background, perhaps some slight vignetting and play a bit (more?) with Camera response functions for the colouring could add a little more, never-the-less that’s just nit picking it’s a fantastic scene, when I first viewed it I thought you comped the truck into a photograph! Genuine 5 star work, congratulations!