construction time

well, this is double under construction: the house and the scene.

the idea is to gradually build both.

and maybe:rolleyes: make a full anim of the construction process.

ps. the model is my home. Not really good architecture, but here I can really know firsthand if the modelling is accurate.

credit: gsrb3d may spot his lightning model (advanced AO) in this crappy scene. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


looks ok so far, i can see artifacts where the meshes intersect though.

yep. the columns and the (dont know the word for horizontal slabs of concrete) share a face there.

But thats also under construction. I made big columns just to get the feel, but actually they will be split floor to floor, so they wont intersect.

Into the realms of materials. First, bricks, wich I dont really need because the house its all painted, but I liked this construction idea, so first I will lay brick walls.

First efforts. They are better than I expected, but still need tweaking.


Working slowly, still improving the workflow for architectural models…

So, this is the first floor, nothing special here, but hey, the worker here expects to take it to a better level…


a lot of bricks. Anyway, struggling with light setup. I dont like the way cast shadows behave here.


For models like this I think a single sunlight with AO should work for what you’re going for.

thanks, dragon, I grant you a vip pass to my construction site :smiley:

still need to remember where I read something about softening shadows, but this gets better.

I have to study carefullly that bsod tute about lllumination.


If you want soft shadows then use an area light, set the samples to 4 (for speed) and at least turn on Umbra and dither. Set the square size between 10 and 50 (this affects the softness of the shadows) and put its origion far away and tweak the distance so the distance line ends a little before the scene itself (since area lights will wash out everything if you set the range that the line goes through the scene)

oh jesus christ don’t let him around construction equipment, he’ll kill us all :eek:

I’m guessing you’re spooked at the fact there’s going to be a fire breathing Cyborg Dragon handling construction equipment.

nothing special here. Its, uh, the garage floor.
Only one floor, stairs and roof left to model, then I’ll get to materials and lightning seriously.


you’d better get that building tyvek’d and weathered in before winter, a cold front is on its way even at this moment!! Its a good idea to complete this sort of an animation. My final studio project last spring, i built my entire digital model board for board, but never got around to doing the time lapse, maybe someday?

gonna sue the contractor, its way out of schedule. I often catch him making idiotic experiments with materials and light :smiley:

my main purpose is not the animation, but to complete a reasonably accurate model of my home. Hence the sloppy bricks (out of scale) and concrete (just default) materials. Those walls will all be painted later. Anyway, maybe i’ll try a step-by-step video, just for fun.

My idea is to have a good ‘background’ for light and materials study. Instead of reference photos, I’ll have my own house to provide good examples to learn from. Also I’ll have lots of furniture and domestic stuff models to recreate.

tiresome light tweaking; anyway is good practice trying to see the changes and learn to judge effects wich previously I didnt even notice.

here I tried to replicate the ‘sunny’ excercise in the excellent lightning tutorial of bsod.

and a question: in my setup, the last ‘pass’ of each render quadrant lighthtens up the scene. Sometimes too much. What does this last pass compute?


I think gamma correction, turn the gamma button button off if you don’t want it.

well the lazy worker here finished the last floor. most part of brickwork complete. time for the textures, roof and terrain…

as an exciting :rolleyes: new feature I changed the view. This one is from southwest, oposed to the previous northeast.


first shots at terrain, concrete textures. changed bricks, more to real scale now. the grass :rolleyes: cries for some work, but this texturing without knowledge is a neverending cycle of ‘try-render-swear-undo-retry’.

so, crits and advice welcome, I feel rather lonely at the site here :frowning:



Thats how I work too :stuck_out_tongue:

So, all we need to do is go to Google Earth, find a house exactly like this one, and we know where you live? :stuck_out_tongue: