Container Lands

Hey guys, So I made this for my weekly artwork thing I do. This is Number 95. And to the people who don’t know, I’ve been doing these for nearly 2 years! crazy!

made with a bunch of Ian’s assets because why not :joy:

Well here is the full version:

and here’s some behind the scenes:

along with links to my social if you want to support me and see my other stuff

Also here’s a link to Ian’s Patreon: (You can find me chilling in his Discord Server. you may even get to talk to me :smiley:


I forgot to add on here. I use CameraRAW to do my colour work. you guys probably noticed that the colour within Blender and the artwork itself is a bit off (By “a bit” I mean a lot :joy:). I am working on a sorta Lightroom Preset Kit for renders. probs will take a while but it will be a thing sometime in the future :smiley:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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