Contemporary Interpretation of Michelangelo's David

Hello all :spin:
I have to create a response to Banksy’s work. I wanted to recreate Michelangelo’s David with a more contemporary design. So my plan is to recreate him as a 17 year old teenager with a 50cc scooter. This is where I have got to so far:

And the video link:
(sorry if any of the anatomy is incorrect I didn’t want to use a reference)

But what I really want to do is replace his sling for a Leather Bikers Jacket and maybe have a scooter in the final scene. I haven’t had much experience with modelling/Sculpting clothing so if someone knew of any documentation or tutorials on the subject that’d be great. Also I don’t want to spend allot of time modelling a scooter so if any one knows of a free model that would be much appreciated. Thank you :wink:

You can trying using your search engine for a mesh of a 50 cc scooter. Failing that, maybe a low poly/detailed texture item would do ? All the best for your project!

Well you’ve done a lot, nice progress.
I don’t really find your idea very appealing tho :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck though

Isn’t his torso too long?

I find the idea appealing, and what you have done so far is pleasing to the eye. :slight_smile:

I’m drawing near to the end of the project. I’ve taken Mazui’s advise and shortened the torso slightly and did a few bits of touch up. I also quickly sculpted the jacket but could of done allot more on it and introduced the scooter that I got from I’ve rendered the turntable with yafaray instead of blender internal which I used before with some satisfying results that you can see below.

Vimeo link

Any constructive crit or comments are very welcome.

Very good! But shouldn’t you at least give him a pair of cut off jeans? As it is it almost looks like he’s posing for a girl’s magazine.