Contest A total of $15,000 Quantum Wave simulations Addon

If anything this addon will help people understand what a wave frequency amplitude wave-length. 3ds Max years ago made clear to me many things when I looked at its wave modifier. Resonating and de resonating waves are the foundation of life. Anything and everything about life has a wave form. Anything you do has rhythm to it or should in some way.

The name of the Addon is Quantum Microscope Blender Add-On and a lot of work has already been put into it. I want to raise awareness about this blender addon and the contest they are offering at this website:
super fascinating stuff the more I know about this the more I want to know about it.

this project wants to discover if classical physics apply to particle waves or quantum physics. Im pretty sure that that classical physics would apply to sound waves. And Quantum physics are equations that relate to very tiny light particles. Crazy stuff. Anyway this project it would seam would have the potential to improve the wave modifier on blender. It would seam they could look also at PBR lighting for some of this simulation ? right ? Physically based rendering would rely on classical physics ?