Contest name contest!


Some of us blenderchar folks are going to start up a new contest
that we would like to get going by the 15th of this month.
This will be open to all software users, and will be similar
to the 10 Second Club, the only difference is that
our contest will not focus on dialog. (i.e. a soundclip
for the month might have some footsteps, a gunshot, and
a scream). We feel that this will be a nice way to complement what
the 10 Second people are doing by focusing on a different
aspect of character animation (it will also be more friendly to
non-english speakers).

Ok – we need to pick a name. We have picked a few that seem OK and
put them on the poll. Please pick one you think is nice or suggest
a new name for our contest.


rotfl! monkeyframers! :smiley:


mime time…rimes :slight_smile: and sounds more artistic…

too bad I don’t know if I will enter this contest,
I haven’t entered any btw lol

The "11 second club)

Maybe you should call it the Un-Dialogue Contest!

The Monkeyframers is cool!

Unfortuantely, so are the other ones!

I say you call it “Other (Please Suggest An Alternative)”! :smiley: :slight_smile: 8) :wink:

How about

The “Other” 10 Second Club

I like a lot of the current suggestions, but here a some other names I thought of:

Blender Shorts
Blender Flicks
BlenderAnim (don’t know if this conflicts with anything else going on in the Blender community)
Motion Blender or Blender Motion
The Blender Show

Whew! I’m exhausted! :wink:

Oso: The problem with those suggestions is that we don’t want it to be just a Blender contest. :-?

sounds great! count me in this contest =D i like mime time the best

Haha, i like Mime Time and Monkeyframers
and they both seem to be winning :smiley:

I voted for Mime Time, though, i liked that one best
Please, nothing like “11 second club” or “other 10 second club”,
we don’t want to point out the fact that we’re stealing an idea here!

keep this contest stuff up, i’m curious about what it’ll turn out to be

  • Stungun

lol defynatly Monkeyframers :wink:

Great idea. Monkeyframers sounds good to me.

to highlight the “sound” part of the contest I would suggest something like:
“Moving Echoes Contest” or “Shut-your-frame-up Club”


excellent idea, I would love to participate !


WeirdHat: I totally misunderstood. I thought this was Blender-specific. Guess I should have read the original post more closely.

I really must get more sleep before sitting down at the keyboard.

Here are a couple of suggestions for the “other” category;

Silly Habits
Lights, Camera, Keyframe

Contest sounds great. Looking forward to it.


Sounds Short
Shorts sounds