Contests? Come On, Guys!

(CubeFan973) #1

It seems like the only non-animation contest around is the Weekend Challenge. On the contest forum, we’ve still got the Living Mechanics contest and Gates Of Hell as announcements! Will there be any contests that don’t have to do with character animation (I suck at it)? Or are we stuck with the Weekend Challenge?

One idea I’ve come up with is the usage of a contest for the production of something big. For example, everybody has a project they want to do, but it’s so huge that by the time they finish it, computers won’t be usable anymore!

If either their project or the person is flexible, the usage of a contest could make a rather interestingly weird result.

One example is my idea for one project, “Plotless Film.” The entire point is to get you guys to work on more projects and liven up the forums with cool shorts. The idea is that everyone makes a 2-7 minute short, submits it, and some judges decide what shorts are good and which shorts aren’t as good, but can still be used. (Unless there is a terribly bad short that everyone hates all around, then we’ll get rid of it.) The best get to be called a part of the climax. (An element of plot! AAAHHH!) The rest are scattered everywhere else in the feature-length film project.

Character animation is key in that, but I’m just giving out one idea of mine. Another is to make a full level for a deathmatch, and they’re put into one big game. Another has an interpretation of a theme making up a still. The Weekend Challenge, yes–but the entrants have to play “Six Degrees Of Seperation” to figure out their theme!

Anyway, I just posted this because I feel like there’s nothing going on in the community right now.

(CubeFan973) #2

AAHH! I forgot that the photorealism contest is in session! But if somebody isn’t good at it (like me), what will they do?

(theeth) #3

what about another “oh surprise” christmas contest?


(acasto) #4

Or even just a nice “Christmas Scene” contest. Eveyone has their own personal image of that special Christmas in their head, perhaps a cabin in the snow, or a nice warm fire, or perhaps even family. It would be interesting to get a glimpse into each others idealism.

(valarking) #5

Maybe CubeFan should DECIDE HIS #$%@ING SELF!

M-A-K-E U-P Y-O-U-R M-I-N-D-!

(pofo) #6

Good thing you’ve included the flaming in the poll so we won’t have to write separate replies for it :wink:
A christmas contest would be fun, except that I won’t have time for it until after christmas and by then it’d seem a little pointless :wink:

  1. pofo

(IMProvisar) #7

You could always just take the weekend challenge format, and extend the time into another contest, like bi-weekly, or monthly. If you do a bi-weekly (2 weeks) you could call it “The Payday Challenge”, make the deadline either every-other Friday, or the 1st and 15th of every month (call it the payday challenge since those are both common pay schedules).

It’d be especially good for Blenderheads who work weekends (like I used to).


(belac) #8

contests are fun, but what ever happend to coming up with an idea and modeling it yourself? why do we need an endless stream of contest to motivate the community to blend something? maybe i’m just way out of the loop or something but hey, just a question.

(stephen2002) #9

Try harder :wink: