Control Motion Blur for each Object

Hey Blender People!

This could probably also be posted in the animation thread but i decided to post it here.

I am trying to control the way the propeller of my plane is blurring when moving in relation to the plane body.
I have an animated scene set up where we see a flyby of a spitfire plane.

1st picture shows motion blur level 0.10 , the body has the desired blur amount, the propeller has not enough spin blur.

2nd picture shows motion blur level 0.50, the propeller has the desired blur amount, but the plane itself is way too blurred.

What i basically want to do is having the propeller perform at a mb level of 0.50 while the body gets less blur of 0.10 .

When having the 0.10 setting I also tried increasing the rotation value of the propeller of the last keyframe but it doesnt seem to affect the bluring very much anymore.

I think I just made it too hard for myself. Maybe some of you know a nice convenient way of solving this.

Any help would be great, thanks!

Ps.: In the last frame the motion blur on the propeller could still be more i guess. something like 0.80 maybe, also in that frame the propeller spin seems to be oddly distorted, any ideas?

Terribly sorry to bump this but I really need advice on this. Thanks!

I assume you’re using the Motion Blur in the Render panel. Rather than using that you could put the propeller on a separate render layer and select Vector in the Render Layer Passes. Then in the Compositor, use a separate Vector Blur node for the prop and one for the plane.

Steve S

Well, DingTo is working on a per object motion blur multiplier for his gsoc project, he also has a WIP Patch:

But it will take a while till it is finished and in trunk (probably 2.69?)

So you can do the motion blur with renderlayers and and vector motion blur like Steve S said
or render the body (w.o. Propeller) in one image and the propeller with diferent setting in an other and mix them later in ps/gimp/blender comp.
In Blender you can render only the active render layer so render one layer and save it, then change settings and select the second layer and render it.

Hello again, thanks for the nice answers. I went along with the Render Layer method and it seems to make more sense having both the Propeller and Plane on two different Render Layers.
I am currently trying to work with the Vector Blur but the results are not really yet so perfectly showing. I added a screencap of my current settings.
Info: The plane is flying from left to right and i basically want to try and give the propeller a realistic circular spin blur as in reality but so far only this could be done. Also the propeller is animated and should have enough speed when spinning.

Do you guys have any tips for me in order to improve the spinblur effect? Maybe there is a better node then vector blur? Thanks!

You can fake it with a blurred texture. I’m working on a similar scene and I applied a texture to a flattened cylinder. I rendered an image of the propeller against a white background. Then loaded that into PhotoShop Elements and applied the radial blur to it. Then applied it to a cylinder. Note the cylinder isn’t perfectly flat. I exaggerated the shape of it in the pic to show what it looks like.
In the texture’s Influence panel, I used the Multiply blend mode. You can also control how dark it is by adjusting the Color influence slider.
I used another texture for the yellow ring (created in PSE against a black background and set to Add.)
Also note that I applied a blurred texture to the spinner. Just some black dots that I applied Directional Blur to in PSE.

Steve S

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My bad :S. I actually realized the model i used already has an optional texture like this built in next to the actual 3d propeller and I just didn’t get it why it is there. Silly me. Thanks for your nice tip though. This will help others with similiar issues. Next time i don’t have a blurred texture I shall create one like you said. Many thanks!

Thank you Defkaunta for asking the question, and thank you Steve S for the delicious answer!