Control of Robot arm with Blender model and Arduino

Hello there!

I am working on a project for which I would like to build an armature of a robot arm within blender and control the same to send out angular positions to a serial port to be read by servo motors connected to Arduino board. Also, I would like to build a structure incorporating potentiometers, that looks similar to the robot arm and use the same to control the robot model within Blender.
I hope the objective is clear, else please ask for a more detailed explanation.
Let me know if anyone in here could be of help. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Hello, and is this a paind job?
I am definitelly inerested in working with robot arms and have quite a lot experience with simulations in blender. I am the developer of BlenderCAM software, and I thougth about extending it for control of such devices:
I will send you a pm with my email.