Control of the Actor

Ok I have this ship (side scroll) and I made a IPO 280 frames to turn ship right and left the IPO is really 4 animations, sooo you say.

Well here is my problem I want to use the logic blocks, lets say if I hit the left arrow and the ship is facing right it will randomly pick one of the two left turn animations (frame 80 to 140 or 220 to 280) to turn the ship and go left.

Now here is what happens when I do it.

  1. I can’t use the actor button the animation does not work.
  2. When I do get the animaton to work (no actor button) everytime I push the go left arrow the ship spins left again when it is already going left.

I hope that this is enough information.

Oh and if you ask me to post a blend or a screen shot, I don’t know how yet as I spend most of my freetime here reading and learning how to use all the great things you guys post, and now I am trying out my new skills.

Well, there isn’t anything you can do about not making it an actor. Maybe on another release it will get fixed. I would guess that the ship spins left again because the ipo animation hasn’t finished yet and you called it a second time. You would have to disengage the button while the animation is playing. The only way I know how to do that is with a timer and you may not be ready for python yet. There is a way to make a timer with the property actuator set to interval. You have a timer property called time or something. Set the interval to the time property and then have an actuator set it back to zero. You would have to connect that to the left arrow key and have the ipo only be able to activate when the timer wasn’t operating, which would probably mean another property. Of course, that’s if it’s even the problem I’m thinking of.

Fireside thx for the reply and you are right I am not ready for python yet but I know that python is probably going to be the solution.:frowning:

Does anyone else have something to aid me in fixing this GE animation problem?

Thx, matro

you could just have a property call it frame and give a value of 1. make the ipo on property and make frame that property
and a property actuator and make frame add 1 as
that should help and you DO not need python i repeat do not need python

Thx, BlendMe I’m not sure that I follow you :frowning: but I will try to figure out what you mean and thx on the python part.

Btw I like your future game and I too am working on a space game.