control uv animation

Is it possible to have a uv texture animation that can be contolled e.g. a T.V. displaying an animation that can be turned on and off/ played and paused by the player using a keyboard sensor

I hope someone replies to this one…

Right now, all I know of are a few (BUGGY) Python scripts…

And the old way…

Make your animation on a matrix, lets say 4x4, just for sh!ts and giggles.
make a plane in blender,
press F to turn on the UV map stuff…
Make a UV map window, and open your animation image.
now select all the vertices in the UV window by pressing A a few times until everything is hi-lighted.
Size the UV to the first or last frame…
Press N in the UV editor window,
Tick Tile and anim buttons…
end 15
X 4
Y 4

Speed is up to you.
press P over the 3d window and you should see your animation…

to make it stop, just make a second TV model that is not animated, and just switch the mesh when they press play or stop…
you can use the same methods with a different animation for fast forward or rewind.

hope that helps
If it is possible, could someone point us to a tutorial that uses the new material system?
Animated spites would allow some really easy special effects to happen.

I think you can use Doc Holiday’s “Tool Tex 5 in 1” script to do what you want. It’s on his site:

I’ve never used it, so I can’t offer much help. Doc has complete documentation with it I believe. Use google translate or babelfish to read his page if you don’t know German.

Thanks, Iv got the animation working and I’m trying to figure out the script now