Controller Placement

I recently realized that controller placement will impact how you game will work…I’m just wondering…WHY
Example…if sensor hits wall, and controller in sensor, linked up to an End object in another object…will not work unless you have the AND controller in the destroyed object

I’ve tested this and both work. A cube falling on a plane. The cube has a Collision Sensor and an And Controller. These are connected to Edit Object Actuator on the plane. Are you sure you didn’t forget something?

nope. I have a rocket sensor parented to a rocket. if rocket sensor collides with a wall, then with the and controller in the sensor, it won’t work. but if I put the and controller in the rocket, it will work…I would send you the blender file…if I knew how

Could you post the blend, please. It will probably be something else, but I can’t think of something with the info I have.

hmm…Well by my post I had already fixed the problem, or else I couldn’t have posted this thread. I might have changed something to cause it to fix, but I only remember changing the AND controller placement. I remember this because this problem had been bugging me for two days already. I found out how to attach a picture now, so if you want to take a look. I still don’t know how to upload a blender file tough

the switch the AND that doesn’t have any connections with the collision one and the outcome of the action will change

This shouldn’t be happening. I could show you just the same picture to illustrate that it works.