Controlling multiple cameras

I have been using blender for about a month now and am confused.
I want to use multiple cameras, how do I alternate between them?

Use the built-in Camera Changer script: Open a Scripts window, Scripts Menu -> Animation -> Camera Changer. Then you rename your cameras with names like 10,21 where the first number is the frame you want that camera turned on, and the second is where you want it turned off.

Or you can animate a single camera with Constant interpolation so it jumps instantaneously from one position to another. Set keys for the camera’s positions, and in the IPO editor select all its Loc and Rot IPOs, T-key, IPO Type=Constant.

Hey wow that camera script is wicked, if maybe a little confusing. What if you do cuts between two characters, like, say, 3 times? Do you have to have another camera for each cut? Not whing, just wondering if that’s the way to do it.

Just add more frame numbers and commas to the cameras’ names: 10,21,31,40 etc. I was wrong in the old post-the numbers refer to frames where rendering should switch to that camera. You don’t need to turn a camera off, just switch to another.

I don’t know if there’s a limit to how long the list can be.

Name length appears to be limited to 19 characters.

I used that script and it works ok, although a single camera with constant IPO type interpolation is probably simpler. However I guess it depends on what you want to do, i.e if you want to actually have the physically seperate cameras available so that you can look through them / setup the scene without changing the frame number / activate the animation then the camera_changer script is probably useful.

Another similar solution is a script using the timeline with markers as described in this thread. The advantage to this script is that the frame numbers are not embedded in the name, and therefore “infinite” camera cuts can be made back and forth. You also get a nice display on the timeline of where the camera changes are in the scene.

It doesn’t have a “front end” script on it though, has to be loaded into the text editor manually by the user.
(Or start with the example blend file and save / modify that).


Thank you this is what I needed.