controlling object

i was wanting to know how to control an object using the arrow keys so if i hold the up arrowkey it goes forward and if i hold the downarrow key it goes backward. i was wondering if someone could give me a step by step tutorial on how to do this because ive gone looking for tutorials on this and the person seems to think that you allready know what code you have to put in to make it move but i dont.
ive tried putting the keys in and stuff but when i push or hold the up or down arrow key nothing happens. i no why this dosent happen its just that i dont know how to set then speed and what axis you want the object to move at.

sorry for bad spelling if i have any

Did you want to know how to control it in the Blender game engine? If yes then I may be able to help you.


In the game logic, actuators and Motion
To go forward 0.10 and above in the second Loc box
To go back -0.10 and below in the second Loc box
To go right 0.10 and above in the first Loc box
To go left -0.10 and below in the first Loc box
(The higher or lower the number the faster the object will move in that particular direction.)

If this is what you are looking for and you don’t understand it then I have a picture of what to do. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted I didn’t quite understand your question.

thats fine. ushually when im trying to explain something it never really makes a lot of sense anyway.
anyway thanks

i thought i would just say thanks again for fun =)

That is fine. Sorry I was a bit slow answering been really busy. So I guess you got the problem fixed with the object moving forward?