Controlling two textures in one material and alphas

I’ve been struggling with what I think are simple problems for the last few hours. Struggling because I can’t quite seem to google the right thing, I think i’m describing it wrong.

Here is a reference for what im trying to make. Its a symbol carved in stone.

Here is my blend file: Sacrifice.blend (1.17 MB)

So my problems are:

  1. How do I control the symbol part of the texture, I tried a mapping node but the image just disappeared.
  2. How do I properly add the image over my other texture? I tried Add and Mix but they don’t see the alpha and don’t add the two properly.
  3. Any tips on making the concrete texture better, I made the maps in CrazyBump from a texture online.


No textures supplied in blend file - File, External Data, Automatically Pack. This does not help to suggest things.
As a result i can’t tell if your tiff image could be used, probably it could but it’s b/w values need to drive mix of materials which would need additional nodes to properly form the mask. Right now i had to paint a new image and used that.
See if you could take over from here

I can get that
is It what your looking for

why are you adding twice the same image ?

and what do you mean controlling the symbol part?

do you have one image for the symbol alone and add another one for the big stone ?

you are using jpg pics which don’t have any alpha ?
so why are you talking about alpha ?

happy cl