Converse High Tops

Hey all :slight_smile:

I want to model and render some worn looking converse high top shoes. Here’s where I got today:

All I’ve done so far is the base of the shoe. I feel like the best approach to modeling it is bottom up, so we’ll see how that goes. While I’ve got the form right where I want it (I’ve been comparing it to my new converse shoes), the topology at some parts of the mesh are pretty disgusting.

That being said I may just scrap this and start fresh wish more of a plan of how to tackle the topology so there aren’t more complications down the road.

I would not scrap it. Continue with what you have and finish the shoe. At some point you should retopologize the mesh using this model as your reference.

Sometimes it’s just easier to create something that looks right first and then worry about the technical stuff after. That way you can focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to do both.

Good luck!

I agree with DanPro. I’d finish it first. Can post post some wires?

Before reading you comments I went on to model two more attempts at the base of the shoe. This is my third and best attempt yet:

I’ve got further than the past two attempts, and for the most part I’m happy with how it’s looking.

My only frustration is the tag like piece in the back. I’ve managed to strangle it into a form that looks ok at best, but as you can see with the wireframe - It’s pretty dense and I have little control over it.

The biggest struggle I’ve had is knowing when to begin adding detail. I’m working with subsurf 3 and 4 most of the time, so in order to get good sharp edges I need to add loop cuts in close perimeter to the edges I want sharpened. I could crease the edges, but this will be rendered up close and personal so I want the edges to be high quality. Should I concentrate on the basic form of the mesh, maybe creasing the edges during the beginning stages, and then - once I’ve got the complete form down - add all of my loop cuts for detail?

I love modeling because it’s like a puzzle, but it gets frustrating at times haha any advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to be posting the same pictures over and over again, but I assure you this model is different then the one in the previous two posts. It took me a few tries to work out the topology, but I think I’ve finally got it :slight_smile: edges aren’t as sharp as the could be at some points, but I can add the necessary detail later, I’ll just be happy with the form and move on.

Next time I update my work here, expect progress on something other than the base of the shoe :slight_smile:

Hey all :slight_smile:

Really happy with the progress I made today! I was able to get a lot of the form done. It’s a pretty basic shape, so modeling it isn’t extremely difficult. Here’s today’s work:

Next I’ll probably be working out some of the topology so as to easily place the shoe lace holes, and getting the form for the tongue of the show down :slight_smile:

looks good, the tough part is going to be the laces, do you plan on rendering with cycles? These being rendered on a shelf in a closet with some atmospheric lighting would be cool, dirt and rips in em.

Yeah this looks perfect so far! I made some Converse high tops a few months back, but in a low poly style due to having a weak computer.

@3DChef - yeah the laces will definitely be a struggle, that and the detail of the threads and such. I will be rendering it with cycles, and that’s a great idea!

@MetalGlass - Thanks! Did you take any nice renders of them? I’d love to see :slight_smile:

Just a quick update on what I worked on today :slight_smile:

Got all eight shoe lace holes shaped out on each side and did a bit of reworking with the topology. Next I model the shoe lace holes and tongue of the shoe!

Another quick update. Just arrived on campus a couple of days ago, so I’m not having as much time to work with blender as usual. Fortunately, I’m still making headway on my converse :slight_smile: Here’s where I got today:

Classes have started. but I’m still making progress on converse :slight_smile: Here’s where I’m at now:


As I move forward I’ll be working on the shoe laces, texturing, and working with materials. C&C is always appreciated :slight_smile: