Convert a curve to a path

Is there anyway to convert a curve to a path object? I want to extrude a shape (using BevOb) along an exact path taken from a mesh.

This is what I have done so far: (using Blender 2.45)
-Edit Mode, Select the edges of the mesh that I want as my path

  • Shift+D (enter), P (selected) - to create a new object with those edges.
  • Return to Object Mode, select the new object and go into Edit Mode
  • Run the “Edges to Curve” script (Mesh -> Scripts -> Edges to Curve)

Now I have a curve, but the extrusion does not work the way that it should (probably because it doesn’t know which way is up). If I draw a new path and align the vertexes to my curve it will work. Is there a way to set the “up” direction for a curve or convert it to a path?