Convert a custom Blender built head to DAZ Genesis 8 morph

Hi all,
I rencently started using Blender and KeenTools FaceBuilder Add On to create a custom made head. The idea is to convert that headshape into a morph for the Daz Genesis 8 figure (female in this case).
Is this possible? If so, how do I do this? How do I convert my Blender head into a G8 head morph?
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I’m not familiar with DAZ3D, but maybe this will help:

There is no simple solution to this. You will have to export a G8F character to Blender, adapt it to your mesh and import it back to DAZ3D.

This tutorial explains how:

You scale your self-made head exactly to the size of your G8F head and adjust the topology of the original to yours. It would be easier to adapt the original directly to your wishes - my clear recommendation. Of course there are other ways, but they require deep Blender/DAZ3D knowledge, additional software etc.

Thanks! That tutorial is quite handy indeed for the export and import from an to Daz Studio! Are there any tutorials on how to “shrinkwrap” the G8 head to my custom head? Blender does have a shrinkwrap deformer, I saw… Thanks a lot!!!

Hi, I found a way to do it, but is uses Wrap3. For the rest it does describe exactly what I want and more, also to transfer textures :slight_smile:

Wrap3 Face transfer tutorial - YouTube