Convert C4D file to one Blender can Import?

I am making a star wars parody film and I will do some live action with Blender, and I can only find one good website ( and the only meshes they have are .c4d. Blender can’t import .c4d, so does anyone know a file converter than can convert a .c4d to something Blender can import? I tried the free trial for quick3d, but it says it can’t import the version that file is in. Can someone help, or give me some blueprints for star wars characters? Thanks!

Cinema 4D is the converter. I believe you can install it and it will work free for 30 days. Simply load the C4D files and export them as OBJ files. Use the OBJ in Blender.

I searched the internet, and saw Cinema 4d version 6 is for free; any idea how to get this? And I can’t download the trial, I found three areas where I can get it, but they all don’t work!

AFAIK version 6 is not free for general distribution.

There was a time a few years ago, when Maxon released it as Cinema 4D CE (which was the same as the v. 6 XL version) and DID distribute it through a few cover disk promotions (3D world magazine, ComputerArts, etc.) However, it wasn’t just a “free for anyone” type distribution.

You have links to what meshes you want? I have C4D and can do it for you.

I’m having the same problem, I found some trees which are really low poly and have a high poly look, but they were made in Cinema 4D. So I downloaded the Demo version, but that doesn’t allow you to export files.

Sorry to mislead you, most professional software allows 30 days of un-restricted use.

I am only using Linux now - so I don’t have access to my copy of C4D anymore. I’m afraid I can’t help you. I think your best bet is to post an image of the tree you found and people can help you get the results you want with Blender.