Convert Eevee .blend to .obj

Could someone please convert these 3D models to .obj files for me.

They use Eevee, which I don’t have. If you have a way to make them usable in 2.79 that would work even better!
Thanks in advance!

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Did you get them done yet?

No, still waiting.

Not sure what you’re asking for. This? Why aren’t you just using a newer version of Blender?

Ingenuity.mtl (2.2 KB) Ingenuity.obj (763.5 KB)

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Yep, that’s what I’m looking for. (except also the other one)
I would use a newer version of Blender except I can’t, my laptop is to old. (4.2 MB)

Here’s Perserverance. No images or animations. Need fbx for those I think.

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Thank you @Midphase and @kenhes!