Convert GMAX to Blender

Hi there if you have some old GMX models you can convert it to Blender …
I have do it with this manual very easy.

Needed Files:
MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3


First install the fs2004 sdk gmax setup (we only need the folder plugins). Copy all files from the sdk folder plugins to your main gmax …/gmax/plugins folder.
Install the MSXML Package.
Second open GMAX and export your model into the (Flightsim Aircraft Object (.MDL)).
At least import the exported "
.MDL" model into “Modelxconverter” and export it at any format you needed (for example in the “*.3ds” format).
Import the “*3.ds” exported model into Blender and enjoy.

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here you can see a example of a exported file from gmax.

The ModelConverterX can you find here

You can also use a MaxScript to convert the gmax model to obj and then import the obj into Blender.