Convert group instance to mesh

(DrKoil) #1

Hi, this might be a stupid question but Google won’t help, so y’know.

Right now I have two scenes. One of them I was using to model a hallway with doors at each end. Now i’ve put all the objects used in that hallway into a group and dropped a group instance into the other scene. I’m doing this because otherwise it’d just be a pain to get everything in the right place.

Now that the instance is in the right place, I have another problem: I can’t manipulate the doors. So I’m wondering if theres some way to convert the group and have every object separated again, without having to go the long way.

Like my last thread, any help is appreciated. :spin:

(Richard Marklew) #2

Object / Apply / Make Duplicates Real menu. Default shortcut is Shift+Ctrl+A

(DrKoil) #3

Thank you!