Convert imported mesh of human pose (dae/obj) to rig pose

Hello, team

maybe this question already have a reply but I did not use the correct keywords.

I have a tool (JustSketchMe) which I find really handy for generating human poses.

This is an example of pose (this one is not by me, but provided by the software)

I can export in dae or obj format, and open in Blender.

The dimensions are curious (they are more like giants, when imported) but it works well.

(Photo in second post as I’m limited as new user)

I was wondering if there was a way to use a mesh with a human pose (no rigs), for creating an armature pose, which could be reused with any other rigged character.

As said in the first post, I add a second image in a comment (due to my new user limitation).
This is what the import in Blender looks like