Convert Linked Collections to Appended


I’m working with multiple medium sized scenes each of which will be a tile for export and use in the Unity engine. I’m trying to figure out the workflow to build each of these scenes from multiple smaller linked collections, some of them nested.

I want to assemble each scene and have the flexibility of making changes at the various levels of object density - change a girder and it will propogate to all the scenes. Once a tile scene is ready I’d like to make a copy, join it and eliminate duplicate materials and then export to FBX to use in the engine.

Only problem is, in Blender 2.93.5 none of the options to change linked to appended work. I’ve never been able to make these features work in any versions of Blender, but it seems I’m the only one from investigating online.

Object/Relations/Make Local does nothing to either nested or linked collections with only a single ‘depth’.
Outliner, right click ID Data/Make Local does nothing.
File / External Data / Pack into .Blend does nothing.

I did get this partially working in a previous version of Blender a couple of years back, but the sequence was convoluted and scrambled the materials and didn’t supported nested links.

I’ve searched around for addons but haven’t found anything recent / working that does what I’m looking for.

All the evidence says that this feature exists and works… but I’m looking in the wrong place or using the tools wrong. I can see that Collections are still being worked on and their functionality has changed a fair bit over the past few years.

Does this feature work in Blender? If so, how do I use it?

If not, I can export a dirty mesh to Unity and use / build tools on that side. Just trying to reduce the friction since the game will feature hundreds of these tiles - so any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Ok, so a question of my own a few months back helped:

Object/Apply/Make Instances Real

Collapses the linked objects to meshes. Now to figure out how to strip all the;


Ok, so found the answer on Blender Stack Exchange:

The script posted there worked fine.

Seems here isn’t the place to ask.