Convert .max files to .obj or .blend

Hi everybody!
Could anyone please convert 3 .max files to .obj or .blend (what is most convenient for you)? The files are attached to this post in zip archive. Basically I need only meshes, so if textures, UVs or something else don’t convert properly, that’s ok. I don’t have 3DS Max application and I can’t install it, since I’m on Mac.
In exchange I may give feedback to your work posted in the blenderartists gallery forum. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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is the Autodesk FBX Converter not a solution?

It’s free and you should be able to convert the 3DS file to obj or at least fbx.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the source files are .max, not .3ds. If they were .3ds I could just import them to Blender without any issues. But .max format is the native 3DS Max file format, it has closed specification and contains original parametric data, so it is very difficult to code any file converter, and as of now I don’t know any software that can be used for conversion purposes, besides 3DS Max, of course. Since I can’t install 3DS on Mac I’m trapped in a situation when I can’t open .max files. So if anyone who has 3DS installed just convert those files to me, that would be wonderful! :slight_smile:

Shoot, I’ll jump on that!

Hi everyone, just wondering if someone would be kind enough to convert a .max to fbx or .obj for me?
In return you can keep a copy of this porsche model I just bought!

I can convert it to you


added Collada and FBX too, just in case:

Can you possibly do one for me?

It’s at

I need just a simple .obj I can load into maya; I don’t care about texturing (if any), just the structure. Thanks!

Any chance you could convert one for me as well? its max 2013 file

I bought a .max file at Turbosquid, but now they don’t covert any purchase that costs less than $ 20.00 :(. So can someone help me converting the .max file into a .obj file?

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