Convert Mesh to Low Poly "flat" Quads


im looking for a method, how I can simplify a complex 3D mesh into quads, where all 4 vertices of a quad are on a plane. I think normal quads in blender still mostly have an invisible edge and therefore consisting of 2 triangles.

In the further process, I’d like to manufacture that low poly quads out of sheet metal. So my next question: is there any tool to unfold such a geometry?

a quad is 4 verts
if on same plane then it is a coplanar quad
if not then it will render like 2 tris

you should start with a mesh with quads in first place
then you can unfold it to get all the faces

check these out

Paper models

hope it helps

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Convert tris to quads

Thank you very much!

I just tried out the “export to paper model”, and it works like a charm.

I’m not relly sure now, if I even should go for coplanar quads, since, it doesn’t really matter. Tris could be even a bit better, since I think they don’t buckle that much. Anyhow: can I scale the quad’s local z-axis to 0 all in one batch?

sure, but the generated quads are not coplanar (one of the 4 vertices is out of plane). How could I solve this?

There is a built-in Make Planar Faces operator. If you crank up the iterations parameter, it will produce quite nicely flat quads.

I spent some time working on actual computation that would do this. It’s contained in my Add Dual Polyhedron script but that script is not available in blender 2.80. You can try it – if you think it could help you, I’ll update it.

Wow, great, that’s what I was looking for. Unfortunately I have installed Blender 2.80, so how could I try it out, if it is not available in Blender 2.80?

Greets, Karl

Here is a version for 2.80: (Save as… -> import in Blender). It was quite easy to fix.

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can you make short video to show how it work and use it

I tried to run it in text editor but does not work !

and what is it suppose to do ?

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It’s an addon, you have to enable Planarize in Preferences. Then just switch a mesh to Edit Mode and use Faces -> Planarize (bottom of the menu).

All faces with more than three sides will be made perfectly flat. It does quite the same as the Make Planar Faces operator – just better.

I check the operator and not really that good
and it work on only one face at a time!

I would prefer to have it as a simple script in text editor
and not have to modify list of scripts every time blender changes
also not needed a lot of time only on rare occasions

will see if I can modify it

happy bl

Thanks EMU, your tool works perfectly!

It’s really helpful emu thanks
it’s working (not completely ) for Blender 2.91
Two years later…