convert subdivision surface into mesh?

I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I want to add some detail to a celtic cross using displacement. THe cross is subdivision surface and has a nice smooth shape. When I try to subdivide to add more vertices I lose the smooth lines. Is there any way to convert my subdivision surface into a mesh? Or can you think of another way around this?


using 2.40alpha2 - apply the subsurf modifier

or WKEY - subdivide smooth in 2.37a then turn down your subsurf level




Alt + c to convert your subsurf mest to a regular mesh.


wow, that was quick


Ok, I spoke too soon. All I get with Alt-c in object mode is a Convert Modifiers box that esentially duplicates my current model. Not quite what I’m looking for, unless I 'm missing something.

Then press the “Apply” button in the Subsurf Modifier (which was Letterip’s answer. the rest of us didn’t assume you would be using 2.4)


There is an apply button in the modifier box that does the trick, so I guess I just misunderstood the Alt-c thing.


Actually Alt - C does the same as ‘apply’ in the modifers section for 2.4
You might want WKEY and subdivide using the non smooth version after if you need still more subdivision, but dont want it any more rounded.

(WKEY - ONEKEY or subdivide multi…)