convert svg to 3d mesh

We have a simple inkscape svg outline we would like to make into a 3d object so me can print it using a UPrint 3D printer. I am having trouble converting it to a 3d image and extruding it. How can I make sure the object has clean faces after we extrude it? When I import it into UPrint I just get an outline of the svg.

we got things to work.


Are you taking the step to convert to mesh with Alt-C? After the bevel and extrusion is already done?

I did try to convert from a curve to a mesh. How do you put a face on a curve and extrude it.

I’m sure I did not do this correctly.

In the curves panel, you can extrude and bevel the curve there until you are satisfied, then alt c to convert to mesh - this should create all the faces you need, provided you had changed the curve from 3d to 2d I think.

this is a simple logo
just draw it in blender with 2D curve

convert to mesh then add solidify to get 3D shape

happy bl

There are several ways to go but not knowing what the Uprint requirements are, it’s hard to give you advice. Some considerations - Ngons yes or no? Quads yes or no? What size minimum maximum for faces? If you look in the wiki (for curves) there is a tutorial blend file for something that looks remarkably similar!

Keep your objecs flat shaded, its visual thing for you how they look when printed. Print machines dont care how your objects look when you render them (flat or smooth). Only real geometry (Flat shaded) counts.

Thanks for the help! I got the project printed using the UPrint and scaled. 1 Blender Unit equaling 1mm. photo