convert track to f-curve

with older versions of blender, when in the movie clip editor you were tracking a footage, you could convert the path of a tracker into a f-curve to apply to an empty in the 3d scene, just by clicking the “convert track to f-curve” in the left panel, essentially what was done in this tracking tutorial at 16 minuts…

now with the new version of blender 2.61, with the integrated tracker, i can’t find it, maybe there is some new way for doing it, does anyone know how to convert a track to an f-curve, so the empty will follow it’s path?

thank you all in advantage :slight_smile:

guys, nobody can help me? that souldn’t be hard…

As I understand the tracker is already generating f-curve data for the camera-object.

However I have not used the motion tracking system yet.

yeah, i’ve read that documentation and i haven’t found very much about that, it’s just an explication of all the features in tracking mode.

I did noticed that there is a new constraint called “follow track” under the motion tracking column, but it asks for the track name to follow and i have no idea how to find the name of the tracker we need.

So maybe someone knows how to use it… :slight_smile:

hey guys, nobody can help me applying the motion of a track to an empty? thanks :slight_smile:

Are you talking about camera motion? If so, just copy the camera’s f-curves to the empty.