Convert Tris to Quads?

Hi, I am working on a model, but I need to convert some parts of it’s tris to quads, does anyone know how?


You select the triangles you want to form quads and press <alt+j>
Either multiple triangles, or just two.

I know Alt-j used to convert tri’s to quad in a previous vrsion that I tried, but in this version 2.63a, that command does nothing. I can convert adjacent tri’s to quads by using f, but what if I want to convert a complete mesh?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Alt-j doesn’t do anything for me - I can join adjacent tri’s into quads by using f. I know it did work before when I tried Blender some time ago - has anything changed, or do I need to activate an add-on for it to work?