Convert your Mac to a light sabre

I don’t have a Mac to try it but I heard it works!
Anyone with Mac willing to swing his “precious” around to tell about it? :smiley:

That sounds like fun. It could be done on regular laptops too.

Swinging an expensive laptop around to make some crappy noises doesn’t sound like fun to me.

I think regular laptops have sudden motion sensors built into the hard drives. Apple’s SMS is built into the machine so that it protects your data no matter if you have a drive that has one built-in. There seems to be a way to access the output of the SMS too - I don’t know if normal hard drives would let you do that but even if they did, it might be different for different drive models.

One of the best uses I’ve seen for it is for switching to multiple desktops by smacking the machine. Because of virtualization, you can be in OS X, smack it on and you’re in Linux, smack it again and you’re in Windows.

It’s still lame though 'cos you can just use hotkeys and there’s less chance for accidental input.

Oh I misread the article. I thought it was when you used the cursor pad it made that sound. Like moving your finger and the cursor is programmed when moved that it made that sound based on the acceleration.

this is the geekiest thing i’ve ever seen in my life…

i think furries have it beat

That would be useful.
Microsoft pisses you off SMACK unix