Converting a beveled path to an editable mesh.

Hi all. I’m a newbie here and to blender. I’m a lecturer in Electrical Installation and am learning Blender to create some video animations to help my students grasp some electrical principles. I’ve been doing lots of video tuts from the net and feel I’m ready to jump into my first project. So on to the question…

I have created a path and then used a bezier circle in the paths geometry/bevel option to create a pipe shape. Is there a way to convert the resultant pipe shape to a mesh so I can edit it directly? If it is possible I guess I would lose the option to edit the path to change the pipe shape but thats not a problem at the moment. I’m using Blender 2.5.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

I have to say I’m blown away with this software. The UI is amazing and I love the fact I can run it from a USB stick on any machine. WOW!!

Use Alt+C to convert a curve object to a mesh object. Adjust the path and circle resolution settings before doing this to control the density of the mesh that you’ll get.

Much appreciated.
Thank You.