Converting a skeleton mesh to an armature.

Is this possible? I’m trying avoid rebuilding an armature from scratch and was hoping that an armature exported to a skeleton mesh could be converted back to an armature.

Please supply more details and examples to clearly demonstrate exactly what you want

I’m not sure if your familiar with Bethesda games but they use .nif files to store their mesh data. With a program called Nifscope i have exported the skeleton to a .dae and then imported it into Blender.

In nifscope it looks like this

In blender it looks like this

I was hoping that data could be used to generate an armature somehow.

I see lots of tutorials on how to convert an armature to a mesh for export and was hoping the process was reversible.

Sorry if this may not help right now, but i’ve been delving in similar ventures and i just tough that, before the armature, you might want to make sure all your vertex groups were imported correctly. You can always use automatic weights aftewards, but if you want the rig to behave the same as in game, you’ll be in a world of greater pain if you have to redo those, especially if you’re planning on importing more models (you can reapply an armature easily enough, but vertex groups are a different story). Building an armature from scratch isn’t all that hard, but fine tuning your vert groups can be a nightmare by comparison. Also from experience, you might want to check that your UVs carried over safely, assuming you want to texture your model as it was in the game.

Just a few headaches i had. Maybe you won’t have them, but i just figured you may want to have them as early as possible, if at all.

The purpose of the armature is to pose the shape. I will then discard the armature and export the altered shape for use as a static statue in game. The UV of the shape is importing and exporting intact and exact rigging isn’t important. It’s likely i will just build the armature from scratch using the imported skeleton mesh as a guide.

I knew this was a long shot but worth checking into, thanks anyway guys.