Converting bezier to mesh - varied resolutions on single bezier


I have been wondering if it is possible to define a resolution per section on a bezier.

To convert a bezier to a mesh I currently use “alt + C” in object mode. To specify how many vertices the bezier is converted to I toggle the “DefResolU” in the Curve and Surface panel. This is how I have created meshs 2 and 3 below.

I’m hoping one of you guys can help me achieve mesh 4 below.
Please ignore the faces as they quite obviously aren’t correct. I would like a way to specify the resolution of the bezier (as I do with the “DefResolU”) but with a different resolution per quarter, so when I convert the bezier to a mesh I end up with vertices as mesh 4.

I realise I could just convert a bezier to mesh with a low resolution then subdivide the quarters I want to have more vertices, but this won’t do as I want to retain the detail on these quarters.

I hope I have explained what it is I am trying to achieve in an understandable way.

Any help will be kindly appreciated. :slight_smile:

You can’t do what you want when you convert a single curve to a mesh. The resolution is the same for each segment. You’ll have to use some manual intervention once you have converted it to reduce the resolution where you want it.
Do you want it to be a circle as any workaround should be easier. Subdivide the circle sections where you want an increase in resolution. THis will deform the shape but this can be fixed later. Convert to a mesh and then change it back to a circular shape with Ctrl+Alt+S / 1 while in edit mode and all the vertices selected.
Quick demo

The shape will remain exactly the same if you press ‘h’ to change the handle type before subdividing (you only need to do this with a curve created from a bezier circle)

Hi. Thanks for the replies. I examined the methods you suggested and they seem perfect to achieve the circle with the variety of resolutions.

The reason I started this thread was to further my knowledge of converting beziers into meshes. I have previously learnt how to import bezier shapes from Adobe Illustrator and and how to extrude them in the Curve and Surface panel. But if I attempt to create meshes from them I struggle to get a nice mesh with even topology.

Below is a shot of a working attempt at creating a mesh from a bezier. I struggle to understand how a nice even mesh can be created with such a different amount of vertices on each edge of the shape. I manually “filled” the faces on the circular part to the left, but as I did so I noticed the amount (or the frequencey) of the faces became higher on the right to compensate for the gap where the join part is. I thought the more evenly the edgeloops are spread on a mesh the better, so if the right side of this circular part of the mesh is denser then the model with be some what uneven.

Basically, I would like to make a clean 3d mesh of the logo in picture 2. Can you guys suggest how to make an even clean model/mesh of the logo?

I would attache the svgz file of the logo but it doesnt seem to let me - “invalid file” Hmm.

You may have seen the ‘Curve to Uniform Mesh’ addon thread